Dr. Toni Cortes

I am currently teaching undergraduate courses and advising students on their undergraduate projects at the Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB). I also teach some graduate courses whenever requested.

Undergraduate courses

    Introduction to Computers (IC)
        Grau en Informática
        Facultad de Informática de Barcelona
        Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Other courses I have taught

    Technology for Big Data (Master in Marketing Management, ESADE) - Master

    Operating systems for HPC (SO-MIRI) - Master

    Advanced European Master in Parallel & Scientific Computation - Graduate

    Internal Structure and Design of Operating Systems (EDSO) - Undergraduate

    Internal Structure of Operating Systems (EISO) - Undergraduate

    Introduction to Computers (IC) - Undergraduate

    Introduction to Operating Systems (ISO) - Undergraduate

    Operating Systems (SO) - Undergraduate

    Operating System Design (DSO) - Undergraduate

    Parallel I/O: Lessons learnt in the last 20 years - Graduate

    Parallel/distributed I/O - Master

    System Management (ASO) - Undergraduate

    System Management and Tuning (ASSO) - Graduate

    Windows NT: Concepts and Utilization - Graduate

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