Dr. Toni Cortes

Current PhD students

  1. 1.    Alex Barceló - Smart iterators and NVRAM for persistent data
            Co-advisor: Anna Queralt (BSC)

  2. 2.    Georgios Koloventzos - Hinted IO
            Co-advisors: Ramón Nou (BSC) and Angelos Bilas (FORTH, Greece)

  3. 3.    Pierlauro Sciarelli - Active object store for HPC and Fog
            Co-advisor: Anna Queralt

  4. 4.    Jean Bez - IO Scheduling for parallel file systems
            Co-advisor: Philippe O.A. Navaus

Graduated PhD students

  1. 1.    Paul H. Lensing, PhD (2019)
            Direct lookup and hash based metadata placement

  2. 2.    Rizkallah Touma, PhD (2019)
            Code inspection and IO optimizations

  3. 3.    Pablo Pessolani, PhD (2018)
            Un modelo de Arquitectura para un Sistema de Virtualización Distribuido"

  4. 4.    Mohammed-Yacine Taleb, PhD (2018)
            Optimizing Distributed In-memory Storage Systems: Fault-tolerance, Performance, Energy Efficiency

  5. 5.    Jonathan Martí, PhD (2017)
            dataClay: Next Generation Object Storage

  6. 6.    Alberto Miranda, PhD (2014)
            Scalability in extensible and heterogeneous storage systems

  7. 7.    Ernest Artiaga, PhD (2014)
            File System Metadata Virtualization

  8. 8.    Mª Pilar González, PhD (2012)
      Improvement of disk I/O by concurrent simulation and dynamic selection of

  9. 9.    Juan José Costa, PhD (2011)
            Efficient OpenMP over sequentially consistent distributed shared memory

  10. 10.    José Luis González, PhD (2009)
            Scalability in adaptive and heterogeneous storage systems

  11. 11.    Montse Farreras, PhD (2008)
            Optimizing programming models for massively parallel computers

  12. 12.    Alberto Sánchez, PhD (2008)
            Autonomic high performance storage for grid environments based on
            long-term prediction

  13. 13.    Yolanda Becerra, PhD (2006)
            Improving the Memory Management through Cooperation between the
            Operating System and the Java Virtual Machine

  14. 14.    Juan Piernas, PhD (2004)
            Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a New Journaling File System with
            Data and Meta-data Separation

  15. 15.    Francisco Hidrobo, PhD (2004)
            Autonomic storage system based on automatic learning

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