Dr. Toni Cortes

Specific projects (not involved anymore)

    Virtualized file systems
        COFS: a composite file system

    Deduplication at supercomputing centers
        (In cooperation with PC2, Germany)   

    REDCAP: RAM Enhanced Disk Cache Project
        (In cooperation with Universidad de Murcia)

    OpenMP for clusters

    MPI and UPC scalability for IBM BG/L and MareNostrum
        (In cooperation with IBM Watson)

    Autonomic storage systems
            (In cooperation with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

    Virtual memory management for Java environments

    DualFS: Dual File System
        (In cooperation with Universidad de Murcia )

    HRaid: Heterogeneous disk array Simulator
        To get a copy, please send a mail to toni at ac.upc.edu

    CSwap: Compressed Swap for Linux

    Ph.D. Thesis
        Cooperative Caching with No Coherence Problems
        Aggressive Prefetching for Parallel Machines

European projects (not involved anymore)

    BigStorage: Storage-based Convergence between HPC and Cloud to handle Big Data
        Grant agreement 642963

    NESUS: Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (NESUS)
        ICT COST Action IC1305

    EUDAT: European data infrastructure

    Mont-Blanc: European scalable and power efficient HPC platform based on       
                        low-power embedded technology
        ICT-FP7 Collaborative project
        Grant agreement no. 288777 and 610402 (Mont-Blanc 2)

    IOStack: Software-defined Storage for Big Data
        Grant agreement 644182

    Rethink big: Roadmap for European Technologies in Hardware and Networking
                        for Big Data
        ICT-FP7 CSA
        Grant agreement n° 619788.

Exascale I/O prototype
            PRACE prototype (WP9)

Second Implementation Project (PRACE 2IP)
            Contract no. 283493

    IOLANES: Advancing the scalability and performance of I/O subsystems in
                        multi-core platforms
        ICT Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP)
        Contract number FP7-248615

   SCALUS: SCALing by means of Ubiquitous Storage
        Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN).
        Grant agreement no. 238808

    European Exascale Software Initiative (EESI)   

    XtreemOS: Enabling Linux for the Grid
        IST Integrated Project (IP)
        Contract number FP6-033576
            Application execution environment

    POP: Portability of OpenMP Performance
        Future and Emerging Technologies IST-2001-33071

        ESPRIT Long-term Research project E-21907

    Paros: Parallel Operating System

Spanish projects (not involved anymore)

    High Performance Computing  VI

    High Performance Computing  V

    High Performance computing  IV
        TIN 2004-07739-C02-01

    High Performance computing  III
        TIC 2001-0995-C02-01

    High Performance computing II

    High Performance computing

    Operating systems for MMPs
        CICYT TIC-537/94

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