Dr. Toni Cortes

Special issues

  1. 1.Future Generation Computer System journal Special issue on "Data Analysis, Access and Management on Grids" (Reviewer) Expected publication July 2006

  2. 2.Calculateur Parallèle Journal Special issue on Parallel I/O for Cluster Computing (Editorial board member), 2002

  3. 3.Future Generation Computer Systems Special issue on Cluster Computing (guest editor) Rajkumar Buyya, Hai Jin and Toni Cortes Volume 18, Number 3, January 2002 Guest editorial

  4. 4.Cluster Computing Special issue on the best papers from Cluster2000 (guest editor) G. Chiola Volume 5, Number 1, January 2000

Stable cooperation

  1. 1.Journal on Parallel and distributed computing (Associate editor 2015-2017)

  2. 2.Journal on Cluster Computing (Editorial Board 2007)

  3. 3.IEEE Computer Senior Referee (1999-2005)